Assessment of learnings that we do is assessment for learning. We subject our students to many forms of assessment to determine what, when, and how they learn. Out assessment methods are designed to engineer active learning by providing opportunities for students to develop their skills through formative assessments backed up by summative assessments.

Formative assessments:

The purpose is to provide opportunities for the students and teachers to make course correction through continuous assessments. The assessment is an integral part of the teaching process.

  • Summaries and Reflections
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Visual Representations
  • Informal Chats
  • Quiz and Questioning, and
  • Collaborative Activities are some of the techniques that we follow among others.

Summative assessments:

The purpose is to make a cumulative assessment at different stages during the course period and use them to determine grades for the students. Various formats such as Choose the Correct Answer type of Responses, Short Descriptive Responses, and Elaborate Written Responses are used in standardized Class Tests, Term Examinations, and Year End Examinations.

Feedbacks from the parents as well as the students are important tools as well.