Quality of the infrastructure is an essential element in ensuring pleasant and healthy environment to optimize the teachers and students outcome. Hence, we are taking utmost care in providing the right infrastructure to our students, teachers, and staff.

The class rooms are sized to allow comfortable seating arrangements, team works, and easy & effective communication. The class rooms have good ventilation with ample natural light and good air circulation. Work to plant tens of plants in the school campus is in progress. Clean and hygienic bathrooms are available on both ends of every floor

Following are some of the facilities that the school provides.

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A newly built library with an inviting ambience, quiet atmosphere and ample space for reading is available for the students on the lookout for more. A good stock of books in various genres is being steadily built.

Music & Dance rooms

An elaborated Music room provides a variety of musical instruments for students inclined towards Indian and western music. A high powered school orchestra brings out the music talent to the forefront. A nice and vast dance room provides the space required for unrestricted movement for dancing divas and masters.

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Theater Arts Room

A newly built theater arts room is part of our teaching strategy to give opportunity to our students to learn and practice an important life skill-creativity.

Art Room

A spacious art room with a colourful ambience provides the space, materials, and guidance required for students to explore and express the artist in them.

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A multi-purpose auditorium is used for meetings, small conferences, drama and debates, and other school events.

Sports facilities

The students are encouraged to participate in a range of indoor and outdoor sporting activities to maintain strong and active physical and mental well-being. Two cricket nets, two tennis courts, skating arena, basketball court, volley ball court, gymnastics room, karate, yoga, and chess rooms are available.

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The canteen provides mid-day snack, lunch, and evening drink for students in grade 4 and above. Other students can also opt for the canteen food. Balanced diet and nutritional values are the key determinants in the choice of food that the canteen provides. Parents are welcome to pay a visit to check the facility.

The canteen has an attached dining hall, where the students, teachers and staff can enjoy their meal during lunch and recess time.

Hygienic potable water is provided in mineral water cans; Children can fill their water bottles with potable water from the cans in any of the floors.

Wellness Center

A wellness center is maintained with beds and first aid facility for small and immediate medical aids. The students undergo regular medical checkup twice a year.

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Bus service

We have 15 air conditioned busses, well trained drivers and a support staff accompanying each bus.


The school has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, and ICT. The ICT lab has individual workstations with headphones for undisturbed research work. Building of English lab is in progress. The students are encouraged to use these facilities for research, experiments, and practice.

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