Our sports programme, in a way, is an extension of our life skill programme – The children learn the science and art of time management, team work, commitment, etc. Surya’s KRIDA programme of sports offers children a choice of various sporting activities. The children benefit from the involvement of professional coaches, including when it comes to preparing our kids to represent the school in competitive events.

We have a great deal of outdoor space for sports: two cricket nets, two tennis courts, badminton courts, skating arena etc. The school has ample indoor space for housing activities like gymnastics, karate, chess, yoga etc.

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We, the parents and schools, have a social responsibility to present the world with responsible global citizens. Surya’s community outreach programme ‘PRERANA’ has been developed to provide an encouraging platform for our students to reach out to the community in general and the needy and deserving sections of the community in particular. The services include socializing with less privileged kids, providing a comforting shoulder to the elders in old age homes, donating books and clothes, etc.