The roots of education are better, but the fruit is sweet.

Assessments are an integral part of education as it conveys us the individual growth of a student. It gives the teacher as well as parents a clear idea of the child’s development and improvement areas.

Our school conducts formative assessments that include a formal and informal assessment to understand the needs of a student and to modify the teaching methodology accordingly. Formative assessments include

  • Organizing information appropriately
  • Visual Representations
  • Debates
  • Group Conversations
  • Quiz and Questioning,
  • Collaborative Activities, and
  • Project-based learning.

Whereas, summative assessments are conducted after a particular unit of work is completed. The best example is midterm exams that are formal and structured which shows a thorough understanding of the subject knowledge. Summative assessments are based on written tests, unlike Formative assessments. Post assessments student's performance is calculated according to the grades they get, which shows the learning curve of a student.