Never Give UP” is the attitude we try to cultivate in our children because we know that “hard work can beat talent.

Surya is a firm believer in a structured and systematic way of inculcating the knowledge to our students. We not only believe in implanting great academics but also compassionate towards moral values. We strive for the overall development of a child and prepare them to be future-ready with practical teachings.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens, however; Surya aims in transforming those future citizens, to be honest, responsible, courteous, tolerant, and empathetic towards contribution to society.

We encourage students to ask questions, as we know that curiosity leads to discovery and hence we consider asking the question as active learning.

Our philosophy is to make our children learn through experiences. Surya never believes in failures, we only believe in experiences. We understand the value of building the emotional quotient of our children, hence we never use the word failure, but we use learning experience or improvement areas.