Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself

At Surya, we follow a learner-centered curriculum as we understand that every student is an individual and learns at their own pace. We follow activity-based and fun-based techniques to motivate our students to ask questions. This way they learn the subject without putting much pressure on their minds.

Regular assessments are conducted to understand the growth of a student. We also conduct subject-centered fun-based competitions to make children learn in a fun way.

In both the ways children learn the subject with developing skills like how to be confident, how to convey the knowledge in the best way possible, proactive learning, developing communication skills, etc.

Apart from subject learning, students get introduced to playing, reading, singing, dancing, arts, and many more to enjoy their childhood while learning.

At Surya, we follow the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) curriculum and guidelines for assessments and prepare our students for CBSE examinations. The Subjects include Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer science along with languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, Sanskrit.

Apart from the languages and subjects students also learn Music, Dance, Art & Craft, and sports. Our school has libraries, computer labs, ICT labs, English Labs to develop their skills of reading, experimenting, improving communication and leadership skills, and whatnot.

Our School conducts ‘ Maximum learning Ability, (MLA) Programs and ‘Remedial Classes’ for the students with different learning abilities.

  • To summarize the education system at Surya we follow
  • Value-based education
  • Integrated curriculum
  • Technology aided teaching