“A Dream place for learning. Every child is unique, we will explore you”

We maintain a teacher/student ratio of 1:35*, which ensures individual attention and a quality learning experience for our students. Further, the structured Sports and Performing Arts curriculum aims to expand the possibilities of learning beyond the classroom.

At Surya, academic success is balanced by the our emphasis on personal growth and development. Students are encouraged to discover their individual interests and abilities.

A middle school is a transition stage between Primary school and Secondary school, we prepare our students follow few steps:

  • Use an Agenda – set goals
  • Plan ahead and learn to be proactive
  • Boost your memory
  • Don’t get influenced with peer group
  • Mandatory physical exercise and get adequate sleep
  • Use 5 W’s and 1 H to understand any concept

Teaching Methodology

In Middle School our students undergo learning experiences that are interesting, innovative, creative and fun. Our methods of teaching involve Bloom’s Taxonomy and multiple intelligence 


In middle and secondary school, along with the skill, there will be a slow transition into subject based content where the seriousness of assessment and authenticity of student performance is given much importance. Here we will be having three periodic tests and two term exams as per the Board pattern strictly. Also, the formal feedback method adapted to have a transparency amongst the stake holders in order to work upon the areas of improvement collaboratively for the benefit of the student.